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Car Spa- Premium Interior Exterior, Complete Car Spa

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Get a Car Spa from trained professionals

Roadster Guru is a company owned & operated by professionals offering multi-brand car service workshop with Car Spa, car washing, car cleaning or car detailing services in Noida & Delhi-NCR. We are always ready to pamper your car with the latest equipment and offering complete car care solution with a high level of satisfaction that you are looking for.

Car Spa has the leading way for car care products with detailing supplies. We offer a wide range of car polish including microfiber clothes, metal polish, car waxing and car polishers with leather cleaners.

Proper washing and clean up by Roadster GURU professionals

Car wash Shampoo offers combined foam boosters for all kinds of deep surface cleaning. As soon as the product gets to work, it starts breaking down surface grime quite effectively. The soil is kept suspended in the liquid solution until washed away with clean water. The selected material used in manufacturing helps expel excess water from the surface making drying time faster.

  • - Includes Exterior Body Wash
  • - Roof & Car seats dry cleaning
  • - Detailed interior cleaning & Polish
  • - Under the hood cleaning
  • - Pressure Wash, Buffing, Polishing, Dry Cleaning
  • - Car Denting Painting
  • - Car Detailing

Why People Prefer Us?

You just need to wash your car with the recommended dosage. The shampoo is a perfect complement to the traffic film remover to offer a nice deep cleaning.
  • Roadster Guru offers great benefits for Car spa.
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